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Live Online  

We create stories and emotions for your brand. We build integral projects with traditional and digital marketing, as well as direct contact strategies with your clients.

We are Trend 

Our achievements are based on productive relationships, ideas and web solutions, innovations and innovative professionals, study of trends and get the perfect mix of tools for each client, we are always ready for your projects!

We are solutions

Froog Branding lab

(Branding) Brand Development

We create brands from zero, we innovate those that need to transmit better and generate more engagement.

How we do it 

Logo development and adjustments

Brand consultancy

Brand Manual

Online and offline branding applications

Digital identity management

We create a strong brand positioning by investing in your digital presence with marketing strategies that reduce risk and optimize positive market response to your brand positioning.

How we do it 

 Digital Marketing

Reinforcement of relationships

innovative strategies

Social media management

Web design and management of your online presence

We create your website with Design, Domain, Hosting, Business Email and monthly Administration for the best price in the market. We manage your online presence to showcase your company, tell your stories, share your thoughts and find people who are looking for you.

We do so with

Professional designs

Domain and hosting purchase and administration

SSL Certificates and SEO

Corporate Email

Email Marketing 

We manage your direct relationship with your contacts by sending secure emails to your users instantly to your users instantly generating a direct relationship with your public and with your audience and followers, strengthening your brand and promoting your products or services.

How we do it

Database management

Massive shipments with our system

Impact monitoring and analysis

adjustments to achieve leads

Direct contact with SMS Marketing

We manage your direct relationship with your contacts by transmitting SMS messages to different users SMS messages to different users instantly, generating a direct relationship with your direct relationship with your public and followers, directly to their cell phones.

How we do it

90% of SMS are read

It is linked to the
marketing strategy 

For any type of company, product or venture

Reaches any type of
cell phone

We are more solutions 


Digital strategy for Europe and USA  

We create and implement a truly localized EU and US digital marketing strategy, according to standards, cultures and languages. .


Google Ads Management

We plan, design and manage your google positioning strategy. 


Analytics and Tracking

We review and analyze the reports of the marketing strategies implemented to propose improvements and enhance the impact of your sales.



We develop online stores for your business. No complications for you, no need for technical knowledge, we take care of everything! visit us at

Your own digital marketing team...

If you have a business, a project or a company and you need your own digital relationship team, we are your alternative.

We are our values!


Are based on experience, we serve our customers personally and in a timely manner.


Building your company is a daily challenge, we know you want to see it grow, we work for that.


We are specialists in people and how they relate to each other.


Is of technological competence, innovation and vision, all at the service of your project.







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